DRIVERS in Sevilla face a 90 euro fine if they spend longer than 45 minutes in the city from this Autumn.

The city centre will be divided into four zones with 13 entry and nine exit points which will be monitored by cameras that can read number plates.

The fines will be in place from Monday to Saturday between 8am to 10pm.

Cameras will start to be installed next week with public transport, motorbikes, mopeds and vehicles loading and unloading excluded.

However, residents and hotel guests will only be excluded from the one zone they occupy.

The scheme, introduced by socialist City Hall leader Alfredo Sanchez Monteseirin, will cost 2.1 million euros.

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  1. Why doesn’t Moteseirin introduce his Diktat in May or June instead of waiting until the Autumn, that way he can guarantee that all the local Hotels, shops, businessess, restaurants, cafes, bars etc that rely on the tourist Euros can go broke before Autumn instead of waiting until CHRISTMAS? Still, I have to say ANOTHER great idea from a dumb-arse Socialist!

  2. Has anyone EVER here in Spain, been to ANY government building or office and got out of there in less than 2 hours? This being the case the townhall have decided they can rip off more money and taxes from the poor citizens they provide such a dismal service to in the first place.

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