HE is usually known as New York’s most favourite son.

But now, US actor Woody Allen has taken to promoting somewhere completely different.

The 74-year-old funnyman appeared in a video to promote Asturias this week.

He filmed the new marketing video, which is to be used globally to encourage more tourists to the northern Spanish region.

Since first visiting the capital of Oviedo in 2002, he has been over five times for holidays.

He has already praised the local gastronomy and noted that culture plays a large part in the lives of local people.

He once told people to visit Asturias to “avoid the ugly in the world”.

And to show his love of the region he was presenting his new film ‘You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger’ in Aviles this week.

The film opens across the country on Friday and stars Antonio Banderas.

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