THIS year’s Tour de France winner, Alberto Contador, has tested positive for the drug clenbuterol.

The Union Cycliste Internacionale has “formally and provisionally” suspended the Spanish cyclist after the anti-doping test taken on July 21, just four days before he secured his victory, revealed traces of the banned drug.

But according to the UCI, the concentration of the drug found was 400 times less than what the anti-doping laboratories must be able to detect.

And it added it is working with the WADA to “analyse all the elements that are relevant to the case.”

However, should the controlling body decide to take action, Contador could be stripped of his yellow jersey and face a two year ban from the sport.

The Astana rider made the findings public himself in a statement issued last night.

He announced the UCI first informed him of the results on August 24, a month after the end of Tour de France.

And the statement explained: “From the time of the first communication … Alberto Contador alleged food contamination as the only possible explanation”.

Adding: “The experts consulted so far have agreed also that this is a food contamination case, especially considering the number of tests passed by Alberto Contador during the Tour de France.”

Contador is set to discuss the result at a press conference in his home town Pinto, Madrid, later today.


  1. Whilst visiting a friend living in Rotterdam in 74, by chance I happened to meet a former Dutch cycling champion. He had no teeth or hair – amphetamine junkie.

    The first pro cyclist to die from drug abuse in the Tour de France was the Englishman – Tommy Simpson from, again Amphetamine. As he lay dying in the mountains he was still asking to be put back on his bike!

    Andy Shleck is a tough and courageous young rider – cycling needs more like him.

    These pro cyclists are IMO the toughest sportmen/women in the world. They race for 8 months beginning with the ‘Hell of the North’ – Paris/Roubeaux. In comparison the hugely overpaid footballers are wimp nancy boys. They moan if they have to play two matches in one week – the wimps even get a break for 15 minutes after only 45 minutes play – compare that to the pro cyclist, often on the bike continuously for over 5 hours and those 5 hours maybe in torrid heat or freezing cold. If they fall off, they still get back on the bike with horrendous injuries.


  2. I see my post has been ‘moderated’.

    My comments about Contador’s actions when Andy Shleck naffed a gear change are stone cold facts – did the moderator actually watch the incident live as I did on French TV. is the moderator actually a cyclist.

    Why was the Tour de France ‘etiquette’ which I explained in detail deleted. Did the moderator check up on what I said?

    Contador is not the first Spaniard by a mile to get caught cheating.

    Let’s see if this get’s ‘moderated’ as well.

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