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Briton turns luxury villa into huge weed lab

A Briton has been arrested after turning his luxury seaside villa into a huge marijuana plantation.

Police estimate around €170,000 was spent on turning the basement of the detached chalet into a complex drug laboratory.

When police raided the four-bed Benalmádena villa they found 900 plants up to 2 metres high which were being harvested four time a year.

The high-tech operation was being run by a Dutch druglord. In total 15 people were detained.

The basement lab was divided into three compartments and included special lamps, reflective materials and a hydraulic system.

A luxury yacht with a false bottom was used to traffic drug seeds and pollen from Morocco.

Police recovered 130 kilos of the drug, of which 30 was ready for sale.

The crackdown comes amid heightened anti-drug police activity along the Spanish coast.

A Dutch-registered boat carrying 20 kilos of hashish was intercepted off Cadiz on Friday.

Jon Clarke (Publisher & Editor)

Jon Clarke is a Londoner who worked at the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday as an investigative journalist before moving permanently to Spain in 2003 where he helped set up the Olive Press. He is the author of three books; Costa Killer, Dining Secrets of Andalucia and My Search for Madeleine.

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  1. Fred,
    it was good to hear of the huge cocaine bust of which Spain played a leading part.

    I can’t agree about legalizing all drugs – cocaine is often portrayed as a soft drug – it’s nothing of the kind. I grew up in the 60’s saw students start to use amphetatimes to keep them awake for prepping. They ended up toothless,hairless and ruined. Even worse when they started ‘flushing’ using a ‘spike'(hypodermic needle) to inject and then syphon back the amphetamine and blood – sounds terrible, it was.

    Cocaine – snorting away their jobs, relationships and homes, until they end up on the street – of course if you belong to the ‘Bullingdon Crowd’ you have a never ending supply of money, so that does’nt happen.

    I saw the young of Europe turn into junkies in the winter of 79/80 in the Netherlands when the Grey Wolves (Turkish mafia) stopped importing Turkish hash for Turkish ‘red’ smack, it actually was also Iranian smack brought out of Iran by the rich Iranians fleeing the Ayatollah Khomeini’s revolution.

    I’ve seen the damage done not only to the junkies but their children as well. The Nigerian diplomats bringing into the UK, 10 kilos of heroin in their diplomatic bags – something copied by a lot of diplomats from many countries.

    By all means legalize marijuana and hash and I don’t want to hear idiots talking about it leading onto hard drugs – the first junkies were those who were hard drinkers.

    The campaign to crack down on mary jane and hash was and is still lead by the legalised drug barons who run the tobacco and alcohol cartels.

    Fred, there is only one way now to get rid of hard drugs and it’s a bloody one. One of the few things that the Chinese paedophile Mao did was to be persuaded that the 400,000 Manchurians who had been forced into opium addiction by the Japanese was to exterminate them – it worked until the Red Fascists decided it was time to liberalise the command economy – with this came the flow of hard drugs and now China has a massive problem.

    The Rich Pakistanis who control their country decided they would like to make money from the smack trade as well as the Pashtans – now all of Pakistan is heaving with junkies.

    A junkie is like a cancer cell – they multiply by contact. The stupid blind justice system (what justice) who put a junkie into prison with other non junkie prisoners – one goes in and twenty come out.

    I lost too many friends in the 70s’ who would’nt listen, none of them were no hopers from sink estates and I have seen the damage done to their children. I have a partner a professor of paediactric nursing who used to come home crying at the suffering of babies born to junkie mothers.

    Part of the solution is to ‘remove’ all the bent coppers and lawyers who are also part of the problem – like I say it’s a bloody but effective permanent solution.

    When we have bitten the bullit and eliminated the problem of the illegal drugs, then we need to deal with the legal drug barons in exactly the same way.

    All societies that have arisen on this planet have used mind opening substances and that is a different story which again has been twisted and distorted by those in control for their own ends. What the various elites want is what is happening in America – programme the the dummies to think the way they want them to – of course their textbook is Nazi Germany and Austria – you have to applaud the Nazis success at this.

    I normally agree with what you say Fred, I could be wrong but I don’t think you have seen what I have seen over many years – it’s reality that has formed my opinion on what to do, not theory or concepts.

  2. I’m sure we disagree on many things Stuart and given a significant age gap, it is evident I will not have seen experienced what you have seen. Age, wisdom and experience has not solved this issue, unfortunately, and it is likely it never will.

    The drug war is lost already – drugs are omnipotent and ever larger hoardes appear. Therefore, we have got to try something else, and legalising is one way of trying something else. Drinking and smoking kills more people – those drugs are perfectly legal. The law is all back to front I’m afraid, and a new approach is required. Hard to be a baron of something that is legal. Much of the insidious goings on that are related to drug supply etc would be tackled by legalisation.

    Making things ‘legal’ and ‘illegal’ is now too simplistic in our society, and never leads to a halt in the ‘illegal’ the prisons are full! In the scheme of things, taking drugs falls much further away than ‘wrong’ – in my opinion. Looks like we’ll have to agree to diagree on some issues.

  3. Fred,
    I can see the sense in legalisation and it would be far better than what we have right now eg. the expression ‘drink and drugs’ but alcohol is a drug and very addictive and the biggest killer directly and indirectly.

    I think we agree on far more than we disagree Fred. Why would any young person who is basically happy and leading a creative life want to go out and get blotto on alcohol but that is what so many young people across Europe do – why?

    Cocaine is one alkaloid of 13 in the coca leaf and it was the white man who isolated this one alkaloid. The coca leaf actually has amazing properties but the international pharmacy companies don’t want Joe Public to know this.

    Coca Cola was created by Americans from coca leaf extracts and from the west African Cola Nitida a natural stimulant – their slogan was ‘Coca Cola gives you a lift’ and it did. Natural stimulants was how this company gained market share but they will never admit it.

    Opium was how the British paid their Asian labourers on the rubber plantations. Then white men decided to synthesize it into Morphine and then further into Heroin.

    All the major problem drugs were created by – the white man, maybe the word kama is appropriate to use here.

    You say that it is hard to be a baron of something that is legal – no it is’nt as the markets for nicotine get smaller in the developed world, tobacco companies give out freebies in the third world – exactly what smackdealers do Fred, differnt drug, same tactics.

    And as a point of reference – tobacco is far more addictive than smack – smoke for a week and your junked, smoke smack for 3 months and your junked. PC plod visiting the schools never mention this – lie to a kids and they will never believe a word you say.

    No I’m not against your idea but I’m sure that the elites will find ways to make lots of money from legalisation just like they do from alcohol and tobacco – now if the junkies don’t exist where are the hugely profitable markets legal or illegal – gone.

  4. Big Bert,
    you should have said amphetamine not cocaine.

    Fred, not depressing – end games are coming into play in the west, it will be very bad for a time but the positive is that, like it or not the Westies will have to accept a lower standard of materialism.

    The insanity of the ‘consumer market’ lies at the bottom of all these issues. Remember how panicked the west was that if people did’nt have the money to go on consuming they might just wake up and realise that they did’nt have to buy the latest crap – that’s what has happened with 3D TV.

    Lots of young people get into using ‘illegal substances’ because they are and because of peer pressure, if that mentality is reversed in one area then others will fall lie dominoes – all very positive – vamos a ver.

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