By Eloise Horsfield

HARDMAN Vinnie Jones is heading to Marbella for a role as a twisted garrotte killer.

The British actor and ex-footballer – who was once given a yellow card after just three seconds on the pitch – will play a lead in gangster movie Shill, to be filmed entirely on the ‘Costa del Crime’.

“Jones plays Branch, a guitar-playing nutter who chokes his victims with his strings,” said Shill writer and producer Paul Grimshaw, who based the film on his own experiences.

The Shill actors will meet investors at Marbella Film Festival in October this year, with filming set for spring 2013.

“We’ll be filming over a six-week period which will be a chance for some real star-spotting in Marbella,” said Grimshaw, who has worked as an estate agent in Marbella for 20 years.

The film – also likely to star Tom Hardy – focuses on ‘shill bidding’, online fraud which involves falsely inflating prices of goods sold on auction sites such as eBay.

Having made ten million pounds in cash, the team embark on a spending spree to Marbella to hide the money from the law.

But after Shill makes a deal with crime baron Drake, a bloody and brutal mutiny is unleashed.

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  1. Why do people glorify violence and vileness ? Why do people still have nice thoughts about the Krays ? Why do newspapers write sycophantic articles about the Richardsons ? Why do so may women write crime novels about rape and murder ?

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