By Helen Pierpoint

AN explosion on a plastic recycling ship has caused a fire and a huge column of black smoke that can be seen from Sevilla.

According to reports the ship, situated in the industrial area of San Rafael in Alcala de Guadaira, has now collapsed but the person working on the ship at the time of the explosion was able to escape without injury.

The collapse apparently helped firemen –  who were initially hesitant to approach the site due to the presence of plastic on the ship – to extinguish the flames.

Burning plastic can emit toxic chemicals such as dioxins into the air.

The fire has affected a nearby ship as well as a railway line but thankfully the adjacent ship was found to be empty.

There have been no injuries reported so far.

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  1. Moderator dont need to print this but “Nave” in this case is not a ship. It is a warehouse. The fire started when one of the machines in a plastic recycling plant intalled in the warehouse exploded. Just thought I’d let you know. There was a man in the warehouse when the machine blew up but he managed to escape uninjured. The fire, which was still active, had to be monitored overnight by firemen. Apparently it spread to another warehouse close by. Spanish news source.

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