THE Guardia Civil have arrested 24 people in Ibiza, all believed to be British, on drug trafficking charges.

During the raids, authorities seized nearly 23,000 doses of party drug ecstasy along with sizeable quantities of cocaine, ketamine and crystal meth, €100,000 in cash and stolen goods, and several guns.

Spanish police carried out what has been dubbed ‘Operation Trafalgar’ with help from the UK’s Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA).

A spokesman at police headquarters in Britain indicated ‘the operation is still going on’ but confirmed ‘a pile of Britons have been detained’.

The raids mark the biggest crackdown on drugs in the region since last September, when Spanish police captured the ring leaders of a drug cartel based in Liverpool.

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  1. Give them a trial in Spain, lock them up and throw away the jail key. Deportation to UK should NOT be an option since legal violation occurred in Spain. Otherwise Spain would have to put up with future similar “abuse” of their soverign laws.

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