THREE out of four road accidents resulting in injury or death are caused by driver error, according to a study.

Figures from the survey, carried out by insurance firm Linea Directa, found that 73% of accidents are caused by drivers making a bad decision, compared to 27% in which they acted correctly.

It also revealed the most common errors are due to drivers being distracted, joining roads incorrectly, turning badly, illegally overtaking and not maintaining a safe distance between the vehicle in front.


  1. Most of the Spanish drivers tend to spend most of there time looking directly right so that they can have a full on conversation with there passenger and then occasionally look forward to see what side of the road they are one!!

  2. How does any “accident” happen if all drivers involved act correctly? Unless we’re including natural disasters (many over recent months – fires and floods etc.) all collisions (that’s 100%) require at least 1 driver to make a bad decision.

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