A SPANISH schoolboy has landed himself in hot water after faking his own kidnapping to avoid parent’s evening at his school. 

The unnamed 11-year-old sparked a huge search operation after ringing his father to say he had been abducted.

Police set up roadblocks across north-west Spain and alerted authorities in neighbouring Portugal after the youngster claimed to be locked in the boot of a blue Seat.

The local media even ran stories on their websites about the dramatic kidnapping.

However, the search ended after the boy’s father, a police office in Xinzo de Limia, noticed keys to a flat the family owned were missing.

He explained he had been terrified of his parents speaking to his teachers after a string of bad grades.

“The civil guard attributed the false alarm to a childish ‘prank’ that had something to do with the boy’s situation at school,” local media reported.


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