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Abortion reforms dubbed ‘a step backwards’ by women’s groups

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WOMEN’S groups have hit out plans to reform Spain’s liberal abortion laws.

Although the full draft of the reforms has yet to be confirmed, the ruling People’s party has said it favours returning to a system where abortion will only be allowed in the case of rape, or where there is a risk to the physical or mental health of the mother.

In 2010, under the Socialist government, Spain relaxed its laws on abortion, giving women the right to an abortion up to 14 weeks of pregnancy. In cases where the mother’s health is at risk, or when the foetus shows serious deformities, Spanish women have until the 22nd week to end the pregnancy.

The new reforms are expected to make the procedure illegal in the case of foetal deformities and, in a reversal from previous laws, 16 and 17-year-olds will have to obtain permission from their parents to have an abortion.

The polling agency Metroscopia last year found that 81% of Spaniards were against the reforms.

“These changes have more to do with politics and ideology than social realities today in Spain,” said Francisca García of the Asociación de Clínicas Acreditadas para la Interrupción del Embarazo, the umbrella group that represents 98% of the country’s abortion clinics.

“From all the data we’ve seen, the number of abortions in Spain is actually on the decline,” she said. “The People’s party is trying to satisfy the rightwing factions of its party.”

Given the economic crisis that has gripped the country, “there is little public demand for this initiative. These are secondary problems compared to the crisis,” said García.

Claire Wilson

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  1. Ant2: If the procedure is carried out swiftly and not delayed by idiots. then they are not babies (emotive nonsense) they are clumps of diffuse cells, no more a baby than an unwanted tooth. The emphasis is on swiftly.

  2. stefanjo,
    to be precise Opus Dei – which controls the PP and dictates it’s policy, it’s leader now dead was a rampant paedophile an d they want to have him canonized.

  3. The truth is quite often more horrifying than you have been brainwashed into believing. Sometimes the killing procedure fails within the mother and a miniature baby is born – to be cast on one side to die ‘naturally’. Nurses are not allowed to care for it, as would be the case for a premature baby.
    Abortion is a failure of society to act in a civilised manner.

  4. Antonio2,
    so no rebuttal about the paedophile who abused hundreds of boys and was protected by the Roman mafia then or an apology for those lives that were blighted forever – not commenting says it all.

    God will provide – the Phillipines are grossly over populated 13/14 children per woman. I got talking on an audio forum with a Phillipino now living in the US – one of 14 children and he had produced 9 at the last count – no Antonio the sky pixie provided sweet f/a, it’s the planet that keeps us alive but overbreeding is destroying it fast – thanks to the Catholics and Muslims.

    Remember – the monkey that fell out of the tree needs the planet but the planet does’nt need the monkey – take a look at Myan, their civilization destroyed by overbreeding, not opinion, fact.

    A beautiful young Asian woman and her child died in Ireland because a Catholic fanatic decreed it was God’s will – burn him at the stake say I and I mean it.

  5. Sorry Christopher and Stuart, I’m only briefly going to get involved in your spurious atheistic arguments regarding paedophilia – I’m quite sure you know that Catholics in particular are even more horrified and dismayed that priests – of all people – could possibly be involved. Lay people, agnostics, atheists, communists, other way-out ‘religions’, yes, but surely not Catholics??? It is a new reality check for us, that priests can possibly stoop as low as the rest of humanity.

    But the O.P. article is all about abortion and I have added a couple of sites for you to click on.



  6. As a further comment – we are but males – there is no way that we can enter into discussions about abortion from a woman’s point of view. The long-term effects we cannot even begin to contemplate. The choice I’m sure most males would shudder to have to make. It is life or death, whatever the rich abortion clinics tell us about blobs of jelly.

  7. Ant2: I didn’t say anything about atheism or paedophilia, so please stop making up ridiculous nonsense to support your equally ridiculous argument…

    The only rational point you make is that males can’t enter into a debate about what women choose to do with their bodies. As you agree with that, you can only oppose the current Spanish government’s proposals unless you are as hypocritical and controlling as them.

    Finally, the original post was simply reporting what the PP is trying to impose, not about abortion. Please try to pay attention to the facts, not your imagination.

  8. Christ.Rose
    “Finally, the original post was simply reporting what the PP is trying to impose, NOT ABOUT ABORTION. Please try to pay attention to the facts, not your imagination.”

    I think you need a trip to the opticians. The article is in English not Swahili incidentally.
    A lesson in humility would also be in order to repress your supercilious cr-p..

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