7 Mar, 2014 @ 10:31
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Spain to fortify North African borders to deter more migrants

SPAIN has announced a €2.3 million plan to fortify the borders separating Ceuta and Melilla from Morocco, hoping to prevent further migration attempts into its north African territories.

The interior minister, Jorge Fernandez Diaz, said reinforcements will be added in the coming weeks, including a new six metre fence designed to ‘impede anyone from climbing’.

An additional 20 agents will be deployed in Ceuta as well as a helicopter to help with the ‘dissuasion and detection’ of migrants. While three watch towers will be built in Melilla, equipped with heat-sensitive cameras.

The Spanish government is currently under pressure from EU officials who have criticised the country’s response to desperate Africans trying to cross the border in search of a better life.

Last month border police were accused of firing rubber bullets at migrants attempting to swim around the fence, in an incident where at least 14 drowned. Authorities have since banned the use of rubber bullets.

Border police then fended off an onslaught of more than 1,600 migrants at the Ceuta border, while more than 200 migrants scaled the border fence in Melilla, many suffering cuts and other minor injuries.

The row between Brussels and Spain escalated on Monday, after the Spanish government hit back at the European Commission for its criticism over the migrant deaths.

The Spanish government has demanded €45 million from Brussels as an emergency fund to heighten security measures at the borders.

Tom Powell

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  1. Is no one going to say what the real problem is here and indeed all over the world OK I will, too many children being born. There was an item on the French news yesterday about a Syrian refugee family – the mother had 14 children and with her husband planned to have more – cue Muslims and Catholics to tell us – God will provide.

    The average age in Turkey is 26 – a nightmare to come in the future. I believe the average age in Mexico is even lower ditto the Phillipenes. Guess who indocrinated and forced Catholicism on the conquered people.

  2. “Our Generation” is kind of spoilt Stuart. We grew up at the “birth” of general contraception, available to all. (chiefly the ladies). We tend to think we’ve dragged the rest of humanity, kicking and screaming, into our modern world.
    T’aint so. People are steered by their hormones to breed. In fact, it’s why, from a Darwinian perspective, we are on the planet. To breed. Without suitable education and resources, that is all that will take place, blind, aimless reproduction. We should be better than that.

  3. People are having far too many children with no hope of feeding them and they need better access to birth control. I wish the politically correct brigade would stop getting their knickers in a twist about religious/minority rights and do something useful like set up a worldwide birth control charity with clinics in every third world country.

    If these people refuse to control their birth rate, they will live in poverty for generations to come.

    Stuart – the answer is Spain.

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