A SPANISH scuba diver is causing a storm on Twitter after he took to the Straits of Gibraltar to unfurl his country’s flag

PROVOCATIVE: Scuba diver unveils Spanish flag
PROVOCATIVE: Scuba diver unveils Spanish flag

The scuba stuntman posed for a photo with the Spanish flag tethered to a rock, inside Gibraltar waters.  

The photo went viral on social media following UKIP’s own flag stunt, sparking thousands of comments for and against the diver’s actions.


  1. How pathetic.

    A citizen of a country of 40 Million, who is such a coward as to have to hide his national flag underwater, whilst ostensibly trying to assert his country’s long dismissed, illegal claim against another.

    One need only to look at the atrocities committed against the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina to see what happens when such ultra-nationalistic fantasies take root.

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