policiaPOLICE downed tools last week as a row over wages erupted in La Linea.

The Police union SPPL are at loggerheads with mayor Juan Franco for not paying officers what ‘they were promised’.

In protest, La Linea’s police station was shut down for 24 hours as the police force went on strike.

SPLL spokesman Raul Urbano accused Franco of not delivering on his pre-election promise to increase overtime pay.

The union is demanding better pay for officers who work evening and weekend shifts.

“At the moment, officers who work unsociable hours are paid the same as those who work Monday to Friday, 9 until 3,” Urbano said. “That is just not fair.”

He added: “Franco promised pay rises before he was elected. He cannot go back on his word and expect no reaction.

“Protests will continue until we have come to an agreement.”

In January, Urbano promised he would increase police wages when the budget was restructured and ‘funds became available’.


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