wugA NEW chewing gum range promises to boost your sex life, cure your hangover and boost your energy levels.

WUGums, developed by Spanish company WUG, has already sold its chewable treats to 7,000 chemists across Spain, Italy, Portugal and Greece.

The range has different gums for different needs.

WUG Passion promises to deliver a ‘more pleasurable and long-lasting’ sexual performance and stress relief, while WUG Diet says it can help you lose weight.

According to the ad campaign, chewers will feel the effects within just five minutes.

Each piece of their energy boosting gum has the same amount of energy as a 250ml can of Red Bull.

The libido-boosting gum contains plants from the Amazon rainforest and the high Andes of Peru as well as a shrub native to Central America that the Incas loved for it’s aphrodisiac effects.

Co-founder Jose Luis Rojano said:”The gums contain far less calories, don’t need water and are very fast and easy to use.

“If you’re in your bed, it’s much more comfortable to chew a piece of gum for five minutes to relax, or if you’re on the beach and want to tan.

“It’s a new concept, we have a lot of fans and we are sure that it will go far.”


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