POP music fans have chosen Spain’s Eurovision entry.

Catalan Manel Navarro will represent Spain at this year’s flamboyant contest in Kiev, Ukraine with his catchy, upbeat song Do It For Your Lover.

Navarro, 20, gained the same

Spain’s 2017 Eurovision entry, Manel Navarro

amount of public votes as other contestant Mirela Cabero Garcia in the nail-biting TV contest, leaving it to the show’s professional jury to cast the deciding vote.

He also beat Malaga’s half British Mario Jefferson, 26, and LeKlein, who was the favourite to win, along with two others.

Posting on Twitter after his win, Navarro said: “You are the best!

Mario Jefferson

“Thanks to everyone, to my lover and all of the team.

“We are going to Kiev!”


  1. Yet again a very upsetting choice that has caused a petition to be created claiming that the contest was a Tongo. Spanish for fixed result. To add insult to injury a Catalan will represent Spain when so they keep telling anyone who will listen they want Independence from Spain.
    Add to that the song is half Spanish half English from a singer who has dreadful pronunciation of English and you must have a winner. Only joking it’s one of the worst songs for Eurovision I’ve heard in a longtime. A Euro Festival Fan.

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