ANDALUCIA is not all it’s cracked up to be. 

Or so it seems to a wealth of tourists who have taken to TripAdvisor to express their disappointment.

After all, it’s always a let-down to find an ancient Roman ruin that’s just a pile of old stones, a prehistoric cave without any natural light, or a cathedral which offers no tourist activities other than… looking at the cathedral.

From the confused to the disillusioned to the just plain bored, below is a collection of some of the finest TripAdvisor reviews given to top tourist attractions in Andalucia.

Andalucia1) Mezquita Cathedral, Cordoba

“It is a very impressive structure inside, but other than that there is really not a lot to do.”

One star in March 2016 from Leewho.


Andalucia2) Caminito del Rey, Malaga

“Fully fenced and protected and hardly the adventure it once was.”

One star in December 2015 from Matt B.


Andalucia3) The Alhambra, Granada

“Boring ruin… I highly recommend the alhambra to anyone who likes to stare at old walls, but to no one else.”

One star in October 2015 from GrumpyGermanTraveller.



Andalucia4) Aeronautical museum, Malaga

“It’s as though some of the museums have just been put there to give tourists something to do”

Two stars in February 2016 from Mambo5Scotland.


Andalucia5) Cathedral, Sevilla

“We didn’t go.”

One star in July 2016 from Phil A.




6) Plaza de Espana, Sevilla

“This place has absolutely nothing to do or see except a large building surrounded by gardens.”

One star in May 2015 from Asheesh1287.




7) Giralda tower, Sevilla

“Didn’t really understand what the point was – it’s a big tower.”

Two stars in May 2016 from Gav C.



Andalucia8) El Tajo gorge, Ronda

“Ronda itself was lovely but it took too long to get there on the bus.”

Two stars in April 2016 from Waggajbnelly.


Andalucia9) Dolmen de Malaga, Malaga

“Nothing there really, except a cave.”

Two stars in September 2015 from Allan B.


Andalucia10) Palace of the Countess of Lebrija, Sevilla

“It’s just a collection of things the Countess bought.”

Two stars in November 2015 from Steven S. 



Andalucia11) Roman ruins of Acinipo, Ronda

“Disappointing piles of stone.”

Two stars in May 2015 from Karen E. 



Andalucia12) Nerja Caves, Nerja

“Bit gloomy”.

One star in August 2015 from Jennie W.


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  1. Obviously the saying ‘you cant please everyone all of the time’ is wasted on these cretins ……. they really should stay at home if they cant appreciate the actual meaning of these attractions – maybe a tour around their local McDonalds burger-bar would be more beneficial to people like this – lol

  2. These are people bereft of cultural and heritage appreciation. I’m puzzled why they even bother to travel to Europe. Maybe they should just go to Las Vegas or join a tour of Mcdonald’s chain or better still just stay home and watch cartoons.

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