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UP YOURS SEÑORS: Fabian Picardo backs The Sun newspaper’s Gibraltar campaign

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the-sun-gibraltarFABIAN Picardo has backed The Sun newspaper’s Gibraltar campaign.

The UK publication launched the campaign on its front page this morning, demanding that ‘Spain and the UK take their hands off our Rock.’

It said it became concerned after Theresa May refused to rule out talks with Madrid over the Rock’s future.

Chief Minister of the overseas territory Picardo has supported the move, saying ‘it’s great to have The Sun onside.’

He also called for May to rule out any Gibraltar talks with Madrid.

“It’s time for the British government to rule out any bilateral veto for Spain and stand by Gibraltar,” he said.

the-sun-gib“Otherwise Spain will be able to dictate terms to us and that will be totally unfair.”

While May has promised the sovereignty of Gibraltar will not change, she did not rule out talks with Spain, saying that she wanted to get the ‘best possible deal’ for London and Madrid.

The Sun has urged its readers to ‘make the strength of feeling known on keeping Gibraltar British.’

It also gave its readers a special pull out poster of the Rock, and urged them download special screensavers for their phones and devices to show solidarity.

Picardo has since thanked the British tabloid, saying: “The Sun’s reputation proceeds it.

“It’s always The Sun what wins it, so it’s great to have The Sun onside.”


Head of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Gibraltar and Tory MP Jack Lo

chief minister picardo gib disputes
Fabian Picardo

presti also backed the campaign.

He said: “What The Sun is doing is sending a very powerful message to show British people are full square behind the people of Gibraltar. It is an excellent idea and I commend The Sun for doing it.

“Sitting down with Spain to discuss Gibraltar’s future on a bilateral basis should be completely out of the question.”

Laurence Dollimore

Laurence has a BA and MA in International Relations and a Gold Standard diploma in Multi-Media journalism from News Associates in London. He has almost a decade of experience and previously worked as a senior reporter for the Mail Online in London.

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  1. I always thought Fabian Picardo as a fairly respectable man as far as politics go, then and he goes and makes a comment:

    “Picardo has since thanked the British tabloid, saying: “The Sun’s reputation proceeds it.

    “It’s always The Sun what wins it, so it’s great to have The Sun onside.”

    What can I say.

    Picardo, get yourself across to Westminster, sit down with the Irish, Scots and Welsh Governments and talk sense into May, don’t leave it too late.

  2. He’s been over several times to talk to May, Sturgeon and others. I think part of what he said was tongue in cheek. If your reputation precedes you that is not always a good thing especially in the Sun’s case :-)

  3. The treaty between the UK and Spain states no contact between the British Garrison of Gibraltar and Spain on economic grounds clearly explained in the treaty.
    Spain is defending her economic position and rights in the same way the UK defends what ever is best for the UK, like for example, leaving the EU.
    The Spanish Government must not react to provocations coming from the UK and stay on course to take advantage of Britain´s big error of judgement in deciding to leave the EU.
    After the UK is out, trade with Gibraltar needs to be limited completely to comply with the treaty signed 300 years ago and then from there, a new treaty or agreement can be negotiated between the Uk and Spain with all issues , including sovereignty, on the table.
    The issue of Gibraltar has nothing to do with what we want for the UK which is actually a good agreement which can be beneficial for both countries but Gibraltar is another kettle of fish altogether.
    The treaty signed 300 years ago does not include territorial waters and the land where the RAF military airfield is located, is built on illegally occupied land in the 1920´s during a plague epidemic on Rock which Spain granted permission of humanitarian grounds.

    if you are British and love your great nation, please get all the facts to better understand Spain´s position.
    Spain wants a good relationship with the UK and all 300.000 British citizens living in Spain are very welcome.

  4. You might have a point about the airfield Fabian but you are completely wrong about territorial waters around Gibraltar and anyone with a reasonable attitude would concede that. The concept of TTW didn’t exist in 1713, which is why it wasn’t included in the Treaty of Utrecht.

    • I agree with you in some points: The treaty of Utrech is a XVIII century treaty. For this reason, they talk about right of conquest, dry coast, and expulsion of jews. 95% of treaty would be illegal today. You only have to think in Crimea invassion. This treaty destroy the territorial integrity of Spain(another post world war II idea). And Spain reclaim the territory but recognize the british sovereinity. Territorial waters is also a XX century “idea”. In my opinion you cant choose treaty of Utrech for sovereign but not for territorial water.

  5. The topic regarding the Treaty of Utrecht had been covered pretty well in depth many moons ago on this forum which never solved anything as we can see but a waste of time. The discussion whether who is right or wrong between Britain and Spain has been going on for a few hundred years now, so let them sort it out cause you “can’t” and all comments mean nothing. All I can say on this matter is that Spain has a right of a veto on any subject brought forward in the negotiations the same as all other EU members. Now whether it will be to any advantage for Spain is another matter knowing the resolve of the British government and the hostility it may create between Britain and Spain if no deals are struck. Spain “MUST” accept that Gibraltar belongs to Britain and the only way that Gib will ever return to Spain is by the will of the people of GIB which the British government is quite willing to accept but not under any threats from Spain.

  6. The Sun? Really Fabian, how low can you go. If you lay with that s**t rag then the rock has sold all it’s integrity, pride and identity already. How desperate to lay with that dog and get fleas. Loss of respect for you and the Rock.

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