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The wonder product Jolly Gel will keep your pool sparkling and save you money

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advertorial-swimmingMANY people are aware of the incredible transparency that Jolly Gel imparts to pool water, but few know of the unseen benefits?

As well as giving your water an almost invisible clean look, there are genuine hard-cash savings to be made by using it for the filter, pump and in terms of maintenance costs.

Jolly Gel will certainly pay for itself many times over in terms of water, chemical and electricity bills.


In particular, it helps remove phosphates (or algae food) from the pool and less food equals less algae and thus, less chlorine needed.

The chemistry is simple: Green algae strips carbon dioxide from the water as it grows, which in turn raises the pH level.

Using Jolly Gel makes it easier (and cheaper) to keep this vital pool-chemistry parameter in check and reduces the chances of your pool turning green.

Additionally, the filter will last much longer. The media in the filter (usually silex sand or recycled glass) would last indefinitely but for the abrasive ‘microadvertorial-swimming2-particles’ that gradually, but inexorably, erode it as they circulate through the filter.

These micro-particles are created by the media grains banging into one another during backwashing, so they are exactly the same hardness as the media they were chipped off from.

They are much too tiny to be caught in any sand-filter. They are so small they don’t even sink to the floor of the pool; they just get circulated round the system over and over.

After three to four years the media becomes so eroded that it cannot keep the water clean anymore and needs to be replaced at a cost of €200-plus for an average pool.
TIP: The next time you need to change your filter contents, take a look at our Zeoclere-30 product. It’s an advanced filter media made from volcanic rock, which lasts for 10 years or more and also strips metals from pool water.



Pool guru Ken Walker
Pool guru Ken Walker

Jolly Gel however, helps with this problem as it cleans water so thoroughly that backwashing can often be reduced to once every five to six weeks, instead of every week.

Reducing backwash frequency minimises the number of micro-particles, thus extending the life of the sand filter.

The same is true for the pump ‘impeller’, the selector valve and the ‘tantalum dioxide coating’ of the electrodes of a salt-water chlorinator. Everything lasts longer when the water is perfectly clean.

Reducing backwashes saves thousands of litres of water annually and avoids pumping expensive, poisonous pool-chemicals into the drains or onto your land.


In a heated pool the filter is backwashed with expensively-warmed water which is then topped up with cold water which one must pay to re-heat.


Jolly Gel is now available in over 40 locations in Spain. To find it visit www.poolsafetyspain.com/Pool-Safety-Products/jolly-gel-retailers.html or click on the QR code for a dealer near you.

Also available online from http://mypoolguru.com/flocculant/jolly-gel

If no dealer near you – why not supply your local area and make some extra cash? Email us for details of our Distributor Start-up Offer. Email us at [email protected] or call on 605 882 461 / 952 597 247
Please download our free eBook ‘The Pool Safety Bible’ at http://www.thepoolbible.com/

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