VICTIM: At Parsons Green

A ‘BOMB’ which exploded on the London underground this morning is being treated as terrorism by police. 

Many commuters were injured after an explosion at Parsons Green at 8.20am London time, while the ensuing stampede saw ‘men climbing over school kids’.

It has been confirmed that the bomb was homemade.

Authorities are currently said to be deactivating a second improvised device found at the scene.

Met Police refused to comment, only saying that there was ‘an incident’ at the London tube station.

A journalist for The Daily Telegraph tweeted: “Police just told us there is a second bomb they are trying to deactivate. #Parsonsgreen”

HOMEMADE: Bomb believed to have exploded on Parsons Green tube

In a later tweet she wrote: “Police officer at scene: ‘There has been a terror attack on the train. Get inside’.”

A bomb squad and counter terror police arrived at the station after footage emerged of a white bucket inside a Lidl carrier bag with wires poking out, believed to be the device.

Several witnesses have reported seeing people with severe burns, with some saying their ‘hair was coming off’.

The explosion is said to have cause a fireball to engulf the carriage, causing mass panic and severe burns.

A hazardous area response team has also been called to the scene.

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