A COLOURFUL collection of musicians, artists and revellers hardly touched down as they partied at the eclectic Space Mountain music festival.

The bash at the home of world-famous music producer Martin Glover, aka Youth, brought together an intriguing mix of talents across three stages.

REVELLERS: A couple enjoying the sun and sand with drinks

As well as live music from the likes of the Orb there was an art gallery, food stalls and a ‘healing centre’.

Meanwhile, Youth who has worked with The Verve, U2 and Paul McCartney, riffed with a range of like-minded musicians in his recording studio.

At one spoken word event, Craig Sams, founder of Green and Black’s chocolate, talked about the science behind the brand.

“We wanted the company to represent something sustainable and at the same time something mysterious,” he told the audience.

It was a very community-focused weekend with plenty of families and children.


LIGHTS: Youth’s house lit up after dark

Now in its second year, it has properly taken off and will hopefully continue to grow over the coming decade.

Youth will be kickstarting his new record label Suriya Recordings with on October 27 with acts from Duende India Collective, Indotranceltic, The Good Disciples, and PerKelt at Rich Mix Cultural Foundation in London.

Doors open 7pm and tickets cost £12.


Photos by Gem Rey, Rockumentary LTD. 


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