MANCHESTER United manager Jose Mourinho continues to face investigation from the Spanish tax authorities, despite claiming his fiscal affairs are in order.

Mourinho attended a private hearing in Madrid on Friday over allegations that he failed to declare earnings worth €1.6 million in 2011 and €1.7 million in 2012.

The former Real Madrid manager, who settled a previous charge in 2014 by paying £1 million, protested his innocence as he left court.

“I didn’t reply, I didn’t argue, I paid, I signed the papers,” he said.

“When I left Spain in 2013 I understood my situation was all in order.

“Two years later they got back in touch with me but I have paid and signed.”

However, a court spokesperson told the press that Mourinho remains under official investigation despite Friday’s hearing and that the Portuguese did not take questions from public prosecutors while in court.

He is accused of channelling money gained from image rights into a number of offshore companies to avoid the attention of the Spanish tax man.




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