A FISH has been found to cause orange diarrhoea.

Used in Asian restaurants throughout Malaga, the fish is being sold fraudulently as ‘butterfish,’ a delicacy in sushi or sliced/filleted as a grouper.

Fats within the fish are almost impossible for humans to digest.

Experts say the fish ‘has a fat composed of waxy esters that are not digestible for humans, so when consumed people suffer from gastrointestinal disorders’.

This causes nausea and vomiting as well as a ‘striking evacuation of orange colour’ called ‘keriorrhea’.

While Malaga town hall has started labelling and inspecting fish stocks, of mainly Asian cuisine, to ensure the fish can be comprehensively traced.

Japanese restaurants have defended using the fish and warn against customers buying a large quantity of it, saying ‘it is a fish that people like a lot and that almost everyone eats. It’s sale or consumption should not be forbidden’.

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