SECRET COMPARTMENT: Where gang hid drugs in cars

A FOREIGN drug trafficking gang which hid drugs behind licence plates has been busted on the Costa del Sol. 

The network, made up of French nationals, transported cocaine and hashish from Morocco and Algeria to Malaga before stashing the drugs in hidden compartments on vehicles. 

Ten have been arrested after Guardia Civil and French Judicial Police seized 46 kilos of cocaine and 500 kilos of hashish in a joint operation. 

HAUL: Weapons and cash were also seized

The arrests were carried out in Arenas, Mijas and on the outskirts of Paris.

The drugs were hidden in double bottoms of vehicles which were accessed via the number plates.

The hidden compartments also hid money and arms.

Five vehicles, an automatic sub-machine gun, three semi-automatic pistols with ammunition and €9,000 in cash, among other items, were also seized. 

All the detainees, of French nationality, have been charged with the crimes of drug trafficking, belonging to a criminal organisation, falsification of documents and illegal possession of weapons.

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