WHY?: Second dolphin in a week spotted washing up on Denia’s beaches

A SECOND dead dolphin has been spotted washing up on the Costa Blanca in the space of just a week.

The dolphin was videoed by passersby, including children, at 5pm on the Els Molins beach in Denia in an advanced stage of composition.

It is the second sighting this week after a dolphin was photographed just 3km away on Les Bovetes beach with a fin missing on Wednesday, according to La Marina Plaza.

Victor Alexandre, who took the video, confirmed that local police were called to investigate.

However, because the animal was already in an advanced stage of decomposition, police said an autopsy into the cause of death could not be performed.

“It is important that the gut of the animal is opened to know if it died due to ingestion of plastics, or if the death has been caused by fishermen,” Maite Mompo, who runs plastic awareness campaign ¡Mojate! in Denia, told the Olive Press.

“This a fact happening in other places such as France, where more than 1,100 dolphins with marks of violence have arrived dead since January.”

“Citizens need to know what has happened in order to prevent future deaths.”

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