NEW: Gibraltar Airport has had facial recognition cameras installed to assist police

FACIAL recognition cameras have been installed at Gibraltar Airport.

The new security measure is to assist the Government in identifying criminals and illegal immigrants.

According to a GBC report, the new airport cameras are not yet operational, but are being used at the Frontier and the Cruise Terminal.

EXISTING: As well as the airport, the cameras are already in place at the Frontier and Cruise Terminal

Signs at all three sites are in place to warn the public that the technology is being used.

“The Government is pleased to have invested not only in additional human resources, but also in the latest available technology in passport scanners, CCTV and facial recognition cameras,” Chief Minister Fabian Picardo said about the cameras at the Frontier being installed.

Software in the cameras creates a biometric map of the points on a person’s face, which is then cross-checked against a database of existing images.

Officers can then manually check an image that has been flagged up, and UK police currently has a database of 20 million faces.

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