THIS is the moment an LGBTQ Pride reveller was attacked in Barcelona for ‘dressing too feminine’. 

In a video that has since gone viral, the vile attacker threatened to assault the party-goer at a McDonald’s in the Catalan capital because he ‘didn’t agree’ with his outfit.

He told him he found it ‘disrespectful’ to be dressed ‘like that’ in a public place.

The Pride attendee was rocking shorts, platform trainers and a sleeveless fluorescent top.

“I really have to put up with a guy telling me that I can’t dress like this?” he complains to the security man in the clip.

The homophobe tries to justify his attack by saying there are children around before threatening to beat him up.

“I’m going to beat the gay out of you,” he says.

The security guard stands in between the two men before the homophobe is removed by another man.

Pride Barcelona said: “We are completely outraged by the serious episode of homophobia suffered yesterday in an establishment near Plaza Universitat.

“We offer all our support to the victim and we encourage him to make a report to the Observatori against Homophobia.”


  1. OMG this is 2019 and still the hate continues, the Homophobe probably beats the wife/girlfriend if she doesn’t dress to his liking! Not to mention the apathy of the security guard who allowed the abuse to continue far to long before any action was taken. The fight continues against Homophobia.

    Location : canaries

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