Rotting Human Head Found In Box By Friend Leads To Womans Arrest
BEHEADED: Police believe the head could’ve belonged to the woman’s missing husband

A WOMAN has been arrested after her friend opened a box and found a rotting human head inside.

The suspect, known as Carmen M, was detained by the police when the smell emanating from the container led to her friend curiously looking inside, before she had a panic attack over what she discovered.

This shocking story occured at Castro Urdiales near Santander in northern Spain and the local courts there are investigating the sickly find.

A spokesman for the Civil Guard at its HQ in Santander said:

 “A woman has been arrested following the discovery of a human head in a box at a property in Castro Urdiales.”

It is thought that Carmen’s husband, a 67-year-old Spanish man, supposedly vanished in February.

Tests are now being carried out to determine whether the head belongs to the missing person.

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