TWO prison guards in Spain have been convicted of beating up a prisoner who was later handed a 23-year jail term for killing his nine-month-old baby.

Isidoro S.A. suffered two savage beatings inside his cell in El Puerto II prison in El Puerto de Santa Maria, Cadiz.

Warder F.F.G.B. and his colleague R.R.F.B. were taking reprisals against Isidro S.A., who was at the time remanded in custody awaiting trial for the death of his child and mistreating his wife.

The Provincial Court of Cadiz has now sentenced the guards to three years and one year in prison respectively on charges of torture and causing injury.

The incident happened on the night of June 8 2017, just seven days after the man killed his son in a case that shocked the province and for which he was sentenced last November.

Wandering around with a lost look and covered with wounds to his face and bruises on his shoulder, chest, side and legs

Thanks to the testimony of three inmates who witnessed the attack, Judge Maria Isabel Dominguez – the president of the court – considered it proven that both officials ‘kicked and punched Isidro all over his body.’

After making initial threats, the two guards went to cell 11 at around 11:45pm that night and told the victim’s cellmate to leave the room.

They then assaulted Isidoro S.A., leaving him lying on the floor in a semi-conscious state and bloodied.

About two hours later, F.F. returned to the cell and again beat Isidoro S.A. until his cellmate told the officer to stop.

What happened that night was not discovered until the next morning when the centre’s educator and psychologist discovered the prisoner wandering around with a lost look and covered with wounds to his face and bruises on his shoulder, chest, side and legs.

F.F., who is said to have planned the attack, was jailed for three years and disqualified from his profession for 10 years.

He was also fined €360 and ordered to pay €720 compensation.

R.R. was jailed for one year, disqualified for eight years and fined €180.

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