SPANISH reality television show, Supervivientes, has had to be suspended and contestants evacuated due to adverse weather conditions.

The show which is based on the US version, Survivor, is filmed on the islands of Cayos Cochinos, off the coast of Honduras.

However, a storm is ravaging the islands, with waves ‘as high as five metres tall’ and the production team have made the decision to evacuate the contestants for their own safety.

The team tasked with the evacuation procedure managed to take everyone to safety with boats, even though the authorities warned them not to undertake any journeys by ‘air or sea’.

Former La Isla de las Tentaciones contestant Estefania Carbajo, who is currently on Supervivientes said: “I was very afraid.

“I was constantly worried and couldn’t relax.”

A fellow contestant, Vicky Larraz said: “At one point I thought we were going to capsize.”

Bullfighter, Antonio Pavon described the waves as ‘bigger than boats.’

The contestants were moved inland to a better protected island, in order to weather the storm in safety.

The show was meant to take place during the summer months, but was moved to this time of year in order to portray a more extreme version, as the storms are worse now.

This was the reason behind having the youngest lineup of participants in the show’s history.

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