HEALTH investigators in Spain are desperately trying to find out how coronavirus spread among those who had not travelled to at risk areas. 

Fernando Simon, director of the centre for health emergencies, said the focus is being placed on Malaga and Marbella, Torrejon in Madrid and a town in the Basque Country.

Out of the now 76 cases in the country, these three areas patients cannot establish how they got the disease.

Globally some 87,565 are now infected and around 3,000 have been killed.

In Spain, today has seen new infections in Extremadura, Castilla-La Mancha, Catalunya, the Basque Country and Madrid.

Meanwhile, two doctors in Sevilla have also become infected after treating a patient carrying the coronavirus.

Some 18 cases have been confirmed in the country today.


15 in the Valenciana Community (all imported).
15 in Madrid
12 in Andalucia (two of them doctors).
9 in Catalunya (all imported).
7 in the Canary Islands (one discharged).
4 in Extremadura (all imported).
5 in the Basque Country.
3 in Castilla y León.
2 in the Balearic Islands (one discharged).
1 in Navarra.
1 in Asturias.
1 in Cantabria.
1 in Castilla-La Mancha.

Simon told press today that 90% of the country’s cases have been ‘imported’ from an at risk area.

However an ‘intensive’ investigation is being carried out to discover the link and ‘contagion’ of at least nine patients.

“Spain is still in a containment phase and does not yet need to raise the alert level,” he said.

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