LA CASA de Papel season four returns to Netflix next week just in time to see out week three of isolation here in Spain. 

The hit series, known as Money Heist in England will hit screens on April 3, a great reason for us all to stay indoors and binge on the next chapter of our favourite characters, El Profesor, Denver, Helsinki,  Tokio, Rio and Lisboa – who is currently recovering from coronavirus.  

By the time of its hotly anticipated arrival it is likely that we will have binged our way through everything Netflix has to offer, however, if not then check out the recommendations below to watch the Casa de Papel actors taking on other roles. 

These should keep you going before the new season premieres and could also be a good chance to learn some Spanish: 

El Profesor – Alvaro Morte  

Mirage / Durante La Tormenta – A mystery surrounding two storms 25 years apart sees El Profesor playing a very different role as husband David Ortiz. 

Durante La Tormenta

Rio – Miguel Herran 

Elite – An exclusive private school sees clashes between the working class and the wealthy leading to murder 

1898 Our Last Men in the Philippines – Herran plays a soldier in this historical war film 

Last Men

Moscow – Paco Tous 

Lord, Give Me Patience / Senor, Dame Paciencia – If you’re missing Moscow, you can find him in this dysfunctional family comedy 


Nairobi – Alba Flores & Alicia Sierra – Najwa Nimri (series three) 

Vis a Vis / Locked up – The pair team up as close friends in this prison thriller  


Denver – Jaime Lorento 

Who would you take to a Desert Island / A Quien te Llevarias a una Isla Desierta? – Denver is one of four friends sharing a flat in Madrid

Elite – Where Denver and Rio reunite in this school thriller 


PalermoRodrigo de la Serna (series three) 

El puntero –  A miniseries set in Buenos Aires 

To Steal from a Thief / Cien Anos de Perdon – Another bank robbery theme if Money Heist isn’t enough for you


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