SPAIN has seen another record day in terms of coronavirus deaths with 769 people losing their lives to the virus between Thursday and Friday. 

The total number killed by COVID-19 now sits at 4,858, according to figures from the Health Ministry.

The number of infected has also risen by around 7,000 to a total of 64,064.

Madrid continues to be the worst hit region with some 19,243 cases and 2,412 deaths.

Catalunya remains the second-hardest hit with 12,940 cases and 880 deaths, again followed by the Basque Country with 4,601 cases and 207 dead.

Among the worst affected regions are Andalucia and Valencia, with 3,793 and 3,532 cases respectively.

Despite a lower caseload, Valencia has seen more deaths than Andalucia, with 198 compared to 144.

A total of 9,357 coronavirus patients have been cured in Spain.

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