THE number of coronavirus related deaths in Spain during the past week has dropped once again.

During the past seven days, only 25 people have lost their lives to the virus, down seven compared to yesterday when it was 32.

However, the number of new deaths in the last 24 hours reported by the Health Ministry has remained unchanged for the sixth consecutive day.

That means that the total number of COVID-19 related deaths nationwide has stayed at 27,136.

There have been 155 new infections in the last 24 hours, down from 156 that it was yesterday.

That takes the total number of infected patients in Spain to 243,209.

Director of Health Emergencies, Fernando Simon said: “The evolution of the pandemic is very good, we are also getting better at detecting potential carriers earlier and testing them in order to confirm or discard these cases.

“All this allows us to think that we are in a well controlled situation and also allows us to assess the phase changes that each region is requesting.”

Simon also spoke about imported cases from abroad: “It is true that from this moment on, the most important risk for Spain will come from imported cases.

“During the past week for example, 105 out of approximately 250 cases that we have had, more than 40%, came from within Spain and the rest are imported cases, approximately around 100-140,” he added.

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