RESIDENTS in Granada have shared images of the ground appearing to show cracks following two earthquakes tonight.

A large crack can be seen going through a zebra crossing on the Camino de Ronda in photos shared on twitter.

It came after two earthquakes measuring 4.1 and 4.3 on the Richter scale hit the municipality of Chauchina at 10:36pm and and 10:44pm, according to the National Geographic Institute.

Others shared videos from inside their homes of furniture shaking.

“Take care Granadinos,” one user tweeted alongside a clip of his TV and shelves visibly rattling.

Junta president Juanma Moreno took to social media to tell anyone who might need help to contact the 112 emergency service.

“The tremors do not stop these days in the province of Granada and tonight several aftershocks have just occurred, some have also been felt in Malaga,” he tweeted, “Very aware of its evolution.”

One resident replied to the leader: “We are very worried and scared. We have never had so much activity in 46 years.

“We need more information.”

It comes after Granada was hit by the biggest earthquake in a decade at the weekend.

A 4.4 magnitude tremor hit the Andalucian city on Saturday afternoon, causing noted shaking in homes and businesses.

While no serious damage was caused, debris and fallen-through ceilings in the Carmen Salles and Reyes Catolicos schools mean all teaching had to be carried out online until at least Wednesday.

The quake was the largest Granada has seen since 2010 and was followed by dozens of smaller tremors, which continued over Sunday night.

They returned again in force tonight when two more quakes with a magnitude of more than four were recorded.

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