ANDALUCIA has warned of many more coronavirus deaths and infections next week following a record-breaking weekend in terms of new cases.

Vice president of the region Juan Marin said today that although hospitalisations are seemingly beginning to stabilise, the curve is not yet flattening.

“The figures in recent days show some cause for optimism, but this does not mean we have bent the curve,” he tweeted.

“I hope it continues like this, but this week we fear that it will be very hard once again with many infections and deaths. Please stay at home.”

He later told Cadena SER that he was ‘very concerned’ about the current figures.

It comes after Saturday and Sunday saw the highest number of daily infections in the region since the start of the pandemic.

But the number of coronavirus sufferers being admitted to hospitals has dropped from several hundred per day to just six and 36 in the last couple of days.

“We said that this week was going to be very hard, and the same goes for the coming week, but the reports that we are receiving this morning are that, in terms of hospitalisations and number of ICU admissions, the situation is stabilising,” he said, “this is the first step to begin to bend that curve.”

Marin went on to back president Juanma Moreno’s calls for extra powers from Madrid to implement stricter curfews and home confinements.

The Ciudadanos Andalucia boss also defended the opening up of the region over the Christmas period.

“We have tried at all times to make the life of Andalusians compatible with the protection of their health,” he said, “until now, fortunately the employment data is not as bad as we thought it could have been.”

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