TWO out of three recent ICU hospital admissions for COVID-19 in the Valencian Community have involved unvaccinated patients.

Official health figures for the period between October 18 and November 14 show 21 non-vaccinated people admitted as opposed to ten who were fully immunised.

The Valencian Health Ministry has calculated that unvaccinated people are 19 times more likely to be admitted to a hospital ICU.

That’s based on the fact that the ten admissions among fully immunised residents comes out of a fully vaccinated total of over four million people.

That’s in contrast to the 21 ICU hospitalisations occurring among 467,151 residents in the region who are unvaccinated.

67.8% of ICU coronavirus admissions in the last month were in the 50 to 69 age group.

46 people are currently in regional ICUs out of a total of 238 hospitalisations for COVID-19

The figures are being used by Valencian officials to show the need for everybody to get a coronavirus vaccine.

One ‘carrot and stick’ approach to the issue is likely to be the use of EU COVID certificates to gain entries to some venues.

Valencian president, Ximo Puig, said this week that he was looking at the measure but did not specify in what situations the certificate would be used.

Image Credit: Cordon Press


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  1. Wait a moment…! What are ten fully immunised people with covid doing in the ICU? What are ANY fully immunised people doing in the ICU? After all, they are… wait for it… fully immunised! That is proof right there, released by none other than the Valencian Health Ministry, that the vaccines don’t work… and the Valencian Health Ministry would never lie, would they? Another challenge for you, Alex: ask the Valencian Health Ministry why fully immunised patients are in the ICU. I’m sure they’ll give you an honest answer….

    Location : Spain

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