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6 Signs That You Have Low Testosterone Levels And How To Fix It


Testosterone is known as the male sex hormone produced in the testicles, and it is vital for the development of male sexual functions. It plays a key role in sex drive, energy levels, mood, deeper voice, muscle, and confidence. Testosterone levels are high during adolescence, and they will decrease with age. Some individuals have low testosterone levels which means the body won’t be able to produce enough of a substance. These are 6 signs that you have low testosterone levels. 


6 Signs of You Have Low Testosterone Levels

  • Erectile Dysfunction 

Low testosterone level makes it challenging to get or maintain an erection. This hormone stimulates the penile tissues, and if it is low, you may not be able to get an erection. Erectile dysfunction is mainly caused by smoking, alcohol, diabetes, stress, high cholesterol, thyroid-related issues, and others. 

  • Hair Loss

Hair loss is part of aging, and it can also indicate that your level of testosterone is low. When you begin to experience hair loss, you should visit your doctor to get a diagnosis.

  • Reduced Amount of Semen

Semen is a special type of fluid that men ejaculate, and it promotes the movement of sperm toward the egg. If your level of semen is low, it means that you can have trouble with fertility. 

  • Lowered Sex Drive

Men with low testosterone levels often experience a lowered sex drive, and this comes with age. However, if testosterone is the cause, you will notice that your desire for sex will be significantly lowered. You may not be able to perform as usual in bed. 

  • Difficulty Sleeping

You may also experience challenges falling or staying asleep if your testosterone is low. Sleep apnea is a common symptom among men with a reduced level of this hormone. 

  • Lower Bone Mass

Testosterone plays a role in the development of bones. If the level is low, the mass of your bones will be reduced. The same applies to muscle mass among men. Different remedies can be used to fix the challenge of the reduced male hormone, and the popular ones are explained in detail below. 

How To Treat Low Testosterone Levels

Use Testosterone Booster

There are booster products available on the market which you can use to adjust the level of male hormones in your body. Using testosterone supplements, which contain ingredients responsible for kick-starting the production of the hormone, is quite common. You shouldn’t forget that not all supplements produce the best results for everyone, so take the time to find the ideal product for you.

Resistance Training

You can increase testosterone levels naturally through resistance training. Increased body strength plays a crucial role in the development of male hormones. According to studies, men who perform at least three to four days per week of regular training enjoy an increase in the T-levels.  

Testosterone Replacement Therapy  

Testosterone replacement therapy is another treatment method you can consider to fix low levels of testosterone. The doctor will prescribe this treatment if you show symptoms of hypogonadism, and it helps restore the levels of the hormone in your blood. If you take the treatment, you will notice an improvement in sexual function, mood, energy, and overall well-being. There are different types of testosterone treatment, and your doctor can recommend any of the following methods. 

  • Tropical/transdermal – this treatment involves the use of creams, gels, and other liquids to your skin. Topical medicines can last for a few days, and you should follow instructions when applying them.
  • An injection is another treatment method and it is applied either weekly or monthly. 
  • The oral dose comes in the form of a tablet that you can place over a tooth, but you should not swallow or chew it. The drug can cause irritation or headaches if swallowed.
  • Intranasal comes in the form of gel, and you pump the dosage into your nostrils. It is usually applied three times per day.
  • Pellets – your doctor will put the pellets under your skin after making a small cut. The medication takes about 3-6 months to dissolve.    

Eat a Diet With High Fat

You must eat a diet with a high-fat content to improve the production of testosterone in your body. High-fat in this case refers to healthy fats that include avocado, egg whites, beef, olive oil, pork, cheese and yogurt, salmon, coconut, pumpkin seeds, and albacore tuna. However, bear in mind that too much of something may not be good for your health. Therefore, eat these foods in moderation. 

Reduce Stress

Stress negatively impacts the production of testosterone in your body. You can naturally reduce stress by getting enough time to sleep every night. Get at least seven hours of good rest to reduce stress and anxiety. You can also use other methods like meditation to lower stress levels. 

Lose Weight

Obesity contributes to lower levels of testosterone in your body, and it can also cause different health problems such as heart problems, loss of muscle mass, irregular sugar levels, and more. Therefore, you should try to lose some weight if you want to boost testosterone levels naturally. It is also essential to maintain a healthy diet, but do not starve yourself. You should visit a dietician for advice about the special diet you should eat. 

Avoid Drugs and Alcohol

Drugs and alcohol are not good for your overall well-being. You can naturally increase the production of testosterone by making healthy lifestyle changes like quitting smoking or avoiding alcohol and drugs. Many people who abuse drugs and alcohol often experience a myriad of health challenges. To improve your well-being, you must ensure that you abuse substances that impact your body.  

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Low testosterone is quite a common problem that affects about 2 out of every 100 men. This condition comes with age under a variety of different circumstances; the good thing is that most cases have been proven to be treatable. It is vital to be aware of early symptoms to get treatment as soon as possible. You should visit your doctor before you take any medication.

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