PARENTS of a Valencia area child have gone to court after he got an unauthorised COVID-19 vaccination on Monday.

The boy attends school in Paterna and his parents are upset he got jabbed despite bringing along a signed document that refused permission for the inoculation.

Within hours of his inoculation, court papers were filed.

They denounced the school and the health department for ‘having vaccinated their child aged under ten years with a vaccine against COVID-19 without their consent’.

Vaccinations of schoolchildren aged between five and nine years started rolling out across the Valencian Community last week.

The parents said their son took their signed ‘non-approval’ document to school yesterday.

They also refer to emails sent to the school on December 15 and January 13 where they stated they did not want their child vaccinated.

The lawyer handling the case is Curro Nicolau.

He last month tried to persuade the regional Superior Court last month to stop parents providing authorisation for children aged 12 and under to receive vaccines.

He unsuccessfully argued that data protection and children’s laws would be breached.

Over the Paterna case, Curro Nicolau said: ”The vaccination criteria can lead to very problematic situations like this one.”

“The entire vaccination strategy in schools can lead to this which puts the health of children at risk where vaccinations in health centres minimise risks to adults and also minors,” he claimed.


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