A gang plundered guests at an upmarket Alicante hotel and also targeted customers at an expensive city restaurant.

Three people have been arrested by the Policia Nacional who believe the trio, along with a fourth person, moved around Spain to commit similar crimes.

Bags and suitcases have been returned to their rightful owners following the police operation.

The gang based themselves in Alicante in December and January and always struck at lunchtime,

Security camera videos recorded their routine.

They’d park up outside the hotel or restaurant, with a man and woman entering the premises, while their two colleagues remained in the car.

Once inside, the thieves loitered around to select a man or woman who appeared to be ‘wealthy’ as a robbery target.

A bag or case belonging to a client would be stolen and then hidden under a coat or jacket as they exited the building into the waiting car.

All four gang members wore ear pieces hooked up to mobile phones to warn each other about any police or security presence.

After a series of robberies at the same locations, police stepped up patrols and recognised the parked car from the security videos.

Officers moved in on the vehicle that tried to speed off but it was intercepted, with the three people inside detained.


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