A PAIR of Estepona police officers accused of sexually assaulting a teenage girl and forcing her to consume cocaine are to stand trial

One officer from the Policia Local  is to stand trial after allegedly raping a woman and forcing her to take cocaine in 2018,  while his colleague is also on trial for assiting in the crime.

The duo were arrested on June 10, 2018, with the state prosecution arguing for a 30 year jail sentence whilst a private case brought against them is demanding 33 years. 

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The news shocked Estepona residents in 2018. (Photo: Wikipedia)

The victim, a woman who was 18 at the time, was on holiday in the Costa del Sol with two of her teenage friends.

They were driving back to the place they were staying from the Mosaïc disco in the early hours of the morning when they were stopped by the two police officers in a patrol car on Avenida Litoral. 

The officers proceeded to call a taxi to take them and the three friends back to the place they were staying.

Upon arrival, the officers allegedly laid out lines of cocaine and attempted to undress the girl, who was very inebriated.

The male friend of the woman tried to stop them but was threatened by the police officers.

As they proceeded to rip the girl’s clothes off, the other girl managed to flee the apartment.

The officers then allegedly tried to persuade the girl to have a threesome with them, and one dipped his fingers into some cocaine and pushed them into her mouth when she refused.

One of the officers then took the girl into a room, where it is alleged he raped her. 

The man, meanwhile, was forced to accompany the other officer outside to buy more drugs. 

However, when they returned police officers were at the door.

The two fled the scene but were later caught and arrested.

The prosecution says the victim is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of her ordeal.

Both officers have been charged with sexual abuse crimes.


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