A scam involving fake €100 notes to pay for fast food purchases in Alicante Province has been busted by the Guardia Civil.

A 34-year-old Cuban national distributed the notes which were identical to those used on movie sets.


Each bill had warnings on them in English saying it was ‘movie money’ and ‘for motion picture use only’.

Five people in the Aspe and Novelda areas used the bogus notes to pay for fast food orders that were delivered to them.

Unsuspecting drivers and riders gave them change from the counterfeit currency.

The customers ensured their deliveries were picked up in the street rather than at their homes to avoid being traced by authorities.

The scam was only discovered once the notes were checked by individual businesses.

Five Spanish nationals, three women and two men, are being investigated for using the counterfeits.

Numerous fake bills were found at the home of the distributor.

Four fast food outlets were defrauded and the Guardia Civil believe the final number could be higher.


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