A Mallorca woman lashed out at her husband on Tuesday morning for refusing to drive home because he had too much to drink.

The man would not break the law and ordered a taxi, much to the displeasure of his wife.

Once in the Palma cab, the 35-year-old Spanish woman launched into a non-stop assault of her partner, much to the astonishment of the taxi driver.

The quick-witted cabby drove to a Policia Nacional base at around 6.50 am and called for help from a parked patrol car.

Despite the change of route, the violence continued unabated as officers witnessed what was happening.

The woman was dragged out of the car and arrested.

The victim, at first glance, had bruises and scratches all over his face and neck.

He refused to press charges against his partner, but she was still carted off to the police station cells.

Her husband was treated by paramedics.

The taxi driver told police that at no time did the man defend himself or even strike his wife.


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