A 20-year-old woman has been arrested in Alicante for faking her own kidnapping in an attempt to impress her boyfriend.

All available police cars were mobilised in an attempt to find her on Monday.

A concerned young man in the West Pier area of the city hailed down a Policia Nacional patrol car.

The upset 16-year-old told officers that his girlfriend had sent him several social media messages that two people armed with knives had kidnapped her at the Puerta de Alicante shopping centre.

El centro - CC Puerta de Alicante

Her communications had credibility as she had previously filed a police complaint about some men involved in a robbery, with the assumption that they were now out for revenge.

In one of her messages, she asked her boyfriend to go to the NH Hotel where the alleged kidnappers wanted to see him.

What she did not bargain for was that the boyfriend preferred to report the incident to the police.

As a massive search started, she continued to send messages that her life was in danger and that she was very afraid.

She said that she was in a home in the Jose Antonio district of Alicante.

After waking up, the woman discovered she was in a locked room but somehow managed to find her mobile phone which she used to call for help.

Police were mobilised to go to the area with the woman claiming she could wave to them from a window without her captors noticing.

A patrol car was also sent to her home address and officers discovered her there.

She claimed she had been released and decided to go home.

The woman has been charged with reporting a fake crime.

Her rationale for wasting police time was that she just wanted to attract the attention of her boyfriend.


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