27 Jun, 2022 @ 16:00
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Tens of thousands of pro-lifers march in Madrid against Spain’s abortion laws 

Anti Abprtion Protest Madrid

TENS of thousands of people took to the streets in the Spanish capital on Sunday calling for Spain to ban abortion and celebrating the US Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

According to organisers some 100,000 people joined the march, although official government figures suggested the turnout was closer to 20,000.


Protestors marched through Madrid shouting pro-life chants, and bradishing placards with slogans such as “Vida si, aborto no” and “Stop feminazis”.

Representatives from both conservative Popular Party and far-right Vox were present, including Vox leader Santiago Abascal and Jaime Mayor Oreja from the PP, who claimed the American Supreme Court decision on abortions offers hope for the future. 


Spain’s legislation allows abortions on demand until the 14th week of pregnancy and beyond in the case of health reasons. However, individual doctors and medical professionals can refuse to perform them and register as ‘conscientious objectors’

Many on the march also held signs against Spain’s recent decision to legalise euthanasia. Last June, Spain became the fourth European country to allow assisted suicide for those suffering certain medical conditions, a decision that was fiercely opposed by many right wingers and staunch Catholics.


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  1. Just to clarify legally. Contrary to the media’s typical hype, the SCOTUS decision does NOT take a position on whether abortions should be permitted or not. It only ruled that the Federal Government did not before, nor does it have now, the authority under the US Constitution to decide this matter. To limit centralized power and the potential again for tyranny, the United States was established purposefully as a Union of States in a Constitutional Republic by and for the People. Employing a system of Democracy to elect those that govern. Whereby, under the US Constitution only a limited number of rights are granted to a central federal government, currently based in Washington DC. Such as national defense, taxation, etc. Conversely and intentionally, most of government’s powers and rights were granted closest to “We the People” at the State level. This is also the main reason why Washington DC, home of the Federal Government branch, in and of itself is not a State. Whereas, each of the 50 States has its own elected officials & representatives (Governor, Senators, Legislature, etc.). Consequently as many of you may know, laws may often vary State by State. The Supreme Courts’ decision only re-enforces this founding principle as so delineated in the US Constitution. Under which, each Supreme Court Justice has sworn an oath to uphold. So now what happens? Each State and their People’s elected representatives in that State, shall independently take up this issue to be decided and voted upon. The result will be a mixed bag, representing the majority’s various opinions in each of the 50 States. However this time, whatever the outcomes, they will be in accordance with the law and the US Constitution…

    Location : Marbella

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