NATIONAL POLICE in Spain, in coordination with Interpol, have recovered at least 1,000 stolen vehicles worldwide.

In Spain alone, some 191 cars were seized in Algeciras, Alicante, La Junquera, Madrid, and Malaga with 86 people arrested.

The total value of the recovered vehicles is estimated at €35 million.

In addition, half a million stolen cigarettes were also recovered. 

In a statement, national police said: “Agents of the National Police have participated in an operation coordinated by Interpol and authorities belonging to 77 countries, recovering more than 1,000 stolen vehicles and 230 people arrested worldwide.”

Policia National
The investigation is one of the biggest operations for car theft in Europe.
Photo: Policia National.

Investigations commenced after inspections were carried out by agents at border posts, vehicle dealerships, scrap yards and workshops. 

A significant number of stolen vehicles were found, in what was merely the tip of the iceberg of a global stolen car trade.

The bulk of the cars were discovered in the ports of Algeciras and Alicante.

During the operation, agents stepped up checks in Spain at the ports of Alicante and Algeciras, as well as at the border crossings of La Junquera (Girona) and Tuy (Pontevedra).


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