A DISABLED Dutchman stalked two German tourists then punched one in the face and stole his wallet before racing away at high speed in his wheelchair.

Joseff M. 56, didn’t let the fact he was in a wheelchair stop his criminal plan when he followed the tourists through the Plaza del Olivar in Palma.

Without warning, the thief punched his 62-year-old victim in the face before making his getaway, with the Germans in hot pursuit as he bounced over the cobbles in the market square.

A National Police patrol spotted the commotion and joined the chase, eventually catching and arresting the Dutchman.

He now stands accused of an alleged crime of robbery with violence.

His victim was taken to hospital by ambulance bleeding profusely, while the attacker also got an ambulance ride because police vehicles are not equipped to handle wheelchair-bound people. But his destination was the police station rather than the hospital.


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