A British man, 24, has been arrested in Elda after police chased three cars running a marijuana convoy.

Convoys are a regular practice in the criminal world with the middle vehicle likely to carry stolen goods or drugs.

Cars at the front and back are used for surveillance as well making life harder for the police to catch a drug-laden vehicle.

The middle car was carrying 13.5 kilos of marijuana as well as €2,803 in cash.

A 26-year-old Moroccan man travelling with the Brit was also arrested.

Both men had criminal records.

The chase started when a Policia Nacional patrol car spotted the convoy speeding on Elda’s main roads.

As soon as the drivers became aware of the patrol vehicle, they increased their speed and made dangerous manoeuvres including travelling the wrong way down one-way streets.

Police pursued them down several streets before the three cars peeled off with officers deciding to concentrate on the ‘middle’ car.

The car came close on several occasions to hitting pedestrians and ended up in restaurant terrace which was closed at the time- causing damage of around €1,200.

The two men were detained and charged with causing damage, drug possession, serious disobedience, and unsafe driving.

The driver did not have a Spanish driving licence and the car had no civil liability insurance.


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