AN 80-year-old British Alzheimer’s sufferer has been arrested by the Policia Nacional in Benalmadena after the fatal stabbing of his wife.

He had been arrested three times in recent months over domestic violence but his partner refused to pursue any charges.

These included instances where the police were called as he refused to let her into their apartment.

The 69-year-old victim- also British- phoned emergency services from their Avenida Antonio Machado home to report she was being attacked at around 10.50 pm on Friday.

The Policia Nacional could not open the front door with a fire crew having to get into the property via a fire escape.

The victim, with over 20 stab wounds, was found on the living room floor in a pool of blood, with her husband in the bedroom.

Paramedics could do nothing to save her life.

Police had to calm the man down before taking him into custody.

Her husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at the start of the year and there have been suggestions that he was scheduled to have a fuller psychiatric evaluation.


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