For those who are struggling to figure out how they can still squeeze in that dash to New York or Bali to hard-pressed budgets, it may be time to look at some budget options.

A new survey has revealed the cheapest travel destinations in Europe, and Andalucia comes out of it exceedingly well.

Travel website Omio has branded Granada as the cheapest holiday destination in Europe for its range of free activities, cheap sightseeing tours from €6 and – most importantly – beer at just €2.

Arabic Palace Alhambra In Granada,spain
Arabic palace Alhambra in Granada,Spain at twilight with Sierra Nevada mountains in background

The city’s most famous landmark, the Alhambra, is entirely free to enter, and it is just one of ten museums in the city that are also free to visit. There are 112 free activities in total.

Travel is ridiculously cheap, with a trip on a bus costing €1.40 (reduced to €0.83 with a travel card), and the city has recently been linked up to Spain’s high-speed train network.

For those who like to party, cheap drinks and tapas in the city’s extensive nightlife, boasting 86 bars and clubs, means that you are not likely to wake up fearing your bank balance.

The rankings threw up a few surprises, with tourism-heavy Bruges coming in second, but Sevilla and Malaga ranked eighth and ninth respectively (and Barcelona brought up the rear in eleventh place).

However, the same list has London as the 93rd cheapest holiday destination in Europe, so perhaps take with a pinch of salt.


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