PUERTO Banus, Marbella, in a collaboration with Ocean Ecostructures, has installed an innovative system which allows the regeneration of marine biodiversity.

The most fashionable and famous port of Spain joins six other Spanish ports in applying a technology to preserve and promote the regeneration of marine ecosystems and their biodiversity, and with it becomes the first Andalucian port to use this innovative technology.

The regeneration system allows the revitalisation and recycling of marine infrastructure and damaged environments.

The BioBoosting System (BBS), based on marine structures of natural substrate, makes it possible to mimic nature and recover marine ecosystems. Thus, restoring life and reinforcing the fight against climate change.

So far, a total of 10 calcium carbonate marine regeneration structures have been installed in different areas of the marina that will allow the regeneration of marine life. 

The state-of-the-art technology regeneration structures have been engineered by a Catalan company, and are already given optimal results in six other national port facilities.

The system consists of an exclusive multi-layer design with an area for attracting larvae and microscopic life and a fish nursery space, thus creating micro reefs ideal for the regeneration of local biodiversity.

The micro reefs also become a space where some species can recover if they are in a delicate state.

To promote and expand the use of these regeneration techniques, Puerto Banus will participate in the SEAREG research project, with the collaboration of leading companies and scientific bodies such as the Institute of Marine Sciences, the Mediterranean Institute of Advanced Studies, the CSIC, the Barcelona Aquarium and Eurecat, among others.


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